Animation Project – Character Design

Before going into the into design research, here are my animation research sheets:

I usually copy some other animation styles and make small notes with arrows to point out what I like the most about that animation.

After this stage, I started researching about character design! Although I already knew a few things, I learned much more! Here are the two most important articles I found:

The Creative Blog – Character Design

I want to be an animator (blog) – Animation Principles

I also, as always, did my research on Pinterest and here are the ones I will use on my next A1 character design sheet:

And here are the artists:

1- Marion Barraud
2- Kris Atomic
3- (Unknown)
4- O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
5- Brandon Land
6- Sylvia Han
7-O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
😯 menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
9- I want to be an animator by Chiara
10- Nikolas Ilic

Based on these characters I want to create something simple. Simple and powerful, and that is really hard. I have a lot of sketching and experiments to do now. The physical description of my main character is already written so I have a lot of guidelines but it will still be a big challenge because it is the MAIN CHARACTER, it is the one that will be more time on the screen…

Stay tuned for more!



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