Coloring the sound!

After the sound walk, I thought it would be an interesting idea to draw and colour the sound in both music and background noise but in a more abstract and less technical way!

The outcomes so far are not really what I hoped would be. I believe I’m being too superficial. I really have to focus on the sound and feel it, feel its temperature and texture and so on… I know it probably sounds crazy but I start to find it a really good exercise.

By closing my eyes I can focus on the sound but the problem is that I have to draw at the same time so my focus dispersed. I’ll try to work on that.

The experience will still go on and hopefully, I’ll become happier with the results. Even if all this doesn’t work out the way I want I still end up having a different experience with sound.

Some, let’s call them, sound drawings:

  1. Sound of Tame Impala – Elephant


2. Blue in Green – Miles Davis


3. Sunset – The XX


I noticed that the white background really makes a difference. It disturbs me because that’s not what any of the songs says, I will also work on that!

I’m really enjoying the experience so far 🙂

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