Since I entered the Instagram community with my art account I found something that a lot of illustrators do called “Commissions”. It has an odd name but it’s really simple. You, as client, make a request for a drawing from me. It can be from a picture, from your imagination or even fan art. I then accept your order, I do it and email you the file!

At first I thought it would be a little bit challenging since I am not used to drawing for people and I’m always self-conscious about people liking my art or not. I did some research about all the aspects I should consider before starting taking commissions and this particular article helped me a lot:

After a little while considering I thought that it would be something fun to try so I went for it! On the mothers day in Portugal I posted on my Instagram page that I was taking commissions and that it could make a really original gift for mothers. I got a couple of orders and that’s how I started it!

Here are the orders:

Picture – Reference, and then my drawing

It is really fun to do these commissions, especially when it’s for someone you know because I feel like I can get the expression much better! Hopefully I’ll get to do more and more of these and will turn it into a small business…

Stay tuned and order yours if you like what you see 😉

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