Creative Writing Classes

This is a subject I’m also really enjoying. 3 years ago I used to write often. I even had small books to write my thoughts and such. After taking this class I went to look for it and luckily found it!

I read some of the texts I wrote at the time and I really liked my writing! However, what I write is not me anymore either because I don’t feel the same way about some things and people or because I grew.

The teacher says that the best writing is the one that really comes from deep inside us and that that’s not something easy to do. He also says he’s not expecting to share our darkest fears and secrets with him but that we have to learn to put those into our own writing. So, with all of this starts a whole process of getting to know me and be honest, which is not always easy!

Another of the teacher’s advice was for us to read, even if it’s a really short text, every day. That in order to be able to be bold in our writing that we have to read and be motivated to read! We always have to take a quote from somewhere to read in the class, which is a good method of making people read.

I already made 2 texts for the class though I didn’t post about it. The first one was an autobiography with no rules whatsoever, completely free! I really like this “forget whatever you learned in high school” kind of attitude. I believe I did a good job but we’ll see…

The second text was about dreams. We had to take one dream we had, even if it was really short and turn it into a story. Again, without rules! The teacher recommended looked for dreaming symbols and that’s what I did! All the research is on my notebook. I ended up writing about a nightmare I had when I was really small.

After doing this text, as the teacher suggested, I made a dream journal that I have next to my bed at all times so I can write whatever I remember from my dreams. Apparently it’s a great font of ideas!

NOTE: once reading a book, try to notice what the author is doing, his methods and choice of  words.


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