Essay Writing – Reflection

Research: This phase went quite well since it was a theme that I chose. I was really interested reading articles, books and blogs about it. I chose computer science in animation. I learned a lot of things within animation, including its history, which is really important since I’ll be studying computer animation next year. For me, the research was the easiest part. It was simple to access the books at Brookes library and all the staff is really friendly and useful. I didn’t take a lot of notes but I highlighted a lot of articles. At this stage, I was ready to start coming up with an outline plan.


Outline Plan: I had a really hard time at this stage. Every plan I made just sounded really confusing and illogical and it was just not working. Meanwhile, something came up and I had to fly home for a week and when I came back I had an interview so I was really short on time so I asked for an extension. The first day trying to write the essay was really frustrating. My outline plan was not at all perfect so I really struggled.


Writing: As I’m an international student it is not easy for me to express my ideas through text and it is even harder to find “fancy” vocabulary. The writing took about 3 days, approximately 6 hours. I admit it is not the work I am most proud of but it was all I could present. The theme was really interesting for me, I’m just sad I couldn’t do a better essay about it.


Referencing: Thanks to Claire, referencing books was easy. I also referenced the images because someone told me too but I didn’t know we had to…


This essay gave quite a lot of stress but now I know that I should probably read English books to be aware of different vocabulary and that next time I should start working on the essay and soon as I can!


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