Instant Character Design

A few weeks ago I tried something new. I started designing random characters from scratch. Some of them are oddly amazing and some are just too normal. I was hoping that by drawing them I could think and imagine an interesting background for each character since they all came from my mind…

Playing with face shapes and different ethnic characteristics was quite fun. Each character usually has a specific trace, either their clothes, the piece of jewellery or their expression.

I asked my drawing teacher, Sarah, her opinion. She said I should actually just choose a couple of characters, the ones with more personality or more mysterious and just create a story for them, give them a body and try to really animate them!! I thought it was a great idea though I’m still having some issues with their bodies….

Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll have a small animation of at least one of them!


Hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment which of the characters you like the most!

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