After Effects – Multimedia Exercises

I finally managed to complete both my after effects exercises given to me by my Multimedia teacher. Though I am not specifically proud of them… I think I learned a lot.

Both exercises were about camera movements and focus. We had to create shapes and make the camera moves towards them and blur the ones that are close.

  • Logo animation:

For this exercise I decided to use the logo of my dad’s Volleyball Club and its sponsors. I based myself on this this tutorial:

It is pretty straight forward but I took quite a long time to finish. What I did was the same as it’s in the video but instead of circles I used different logos.

After completing the small animation I added small soudFX on iMovie just to complete it. Here it is! (For some reason the sound is not working… I will take care of that)


  • Tunnel Animation:

My initial idea was to use circles and make the camera pass through them to create an illusion of a Tunnel. For this exercise I used only my classroom notes and it was definitely harder. I had troubles with the camera and the shapes. It was really hard and long.. I am sure that soon I’ll be able to complete the same task but perfectly and in much less time but right now it requires a lot of patience. It did not work out as I imagined but it was good for me to experiment with the camera and understand its possibilities. Here you have it!


I am having a lot of fun with this software and I believe it can be a really powerful tool when used correctly. I will keep trying and learning!


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