Animation trials – Heads

After the last meeting with my teacher we agreed that it was time for me to make some animation trials so we could see how would actually move. Here is the result:


I took it from the storyboard that I already posted so  you might recognize the scenes.

I animate with photoshop and it’s frame by frame animation. It’s not entirely smooth but I am satisfied with the result. Before animating I made 2 videos of me acting out each one of the scenes. This makes the process of animation a bit easier and organic.


  • It looks good and smooth.
  • No need to use perspective (like the one on the bench) since everything is 2D.
  • Face expressions work and we can clearly see the difference between the man and the girl.

Next Step:

Right now I have to start working on making a complete and final design for my characters. I’ll only have two, for now, but they have to have detail. I have to decide which newpaper to use on their bodies, what will it say and all that. the man has a suitcase, a hat and a watch so I also have to work on those details. The finished sheet should have both sides and front views.


Stay tuned!


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