Photography – 1 hour exercise

Last class we discussed and saw each other’s assessments. The exercise was to take 3 pictures during 1 hour of our lives that documented that same hour.


  • Think more photography, what is worth taking a picture of.
  • Not “pollute” the world with more unnecessary images.
  • Develop both document and photography skills.

This was not an easy exercise for me because once I chose the moment to start I had only 60min to find something interesting to document and it had to make sense. During this time, I realized I was more focused on what to take pictures of instead of enjoying the moment.

My first try looks like this:


I did not really like the outcome because I felt like it didn’t really document a full hour and the pictures themselves were not really good.

After this first attempt I felt like I could never complete this exercise…

BUT! In the morning of the assessment’s due date I managed to complete another try. Here it is:


I presented this to my teacher and this was his feedback:

  • For the task of documenting one hour it was successful because it is possible to see the movement from one place to another
  • As a serie it does not work. Each pictures is completely different from the other. The contrasts are to great and its not necessary “to try to make a masterpiece in each photograph”.
  • Only the 2 picture is interesting but alike to millions of pictures out there. The other 2 are not good.
  • I am “diagonal” person since all my pictures have a diagonal composition.

I pretty much agreed with everything said. I think sometimes the teacher was a bit tough and close minded about some pictures (not only mine) but I guess that is a great thing since I never had anyone evaluating my photography.

Next task:

  • Document one hour but instead of 3 pictures we can take as many as we like but we can only present 3 to the class.
  • We should time how long we take to choose the 3 pictures among the ones we took.

The teacher also mentioned that we can repeat the previous task if we feel like it and I want it. I will try to make up with simpler and non-diagonal compositions for both tasks.

We will see how it goes!



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