3D Animation – Reflection

During this project my time management failed completely and the strangest thing was that this project was the one I was waiting for since I first read the project choice list. Though I really enjoyed making the project I had a lot of trouble coming up with ideas because there is so much I could do…

My research went quite well (when I started it) and ideas just started to pop up once I molded the main idea for my character in my head.

My idea development was subtle. I just did my research and then gathered only what I wanted to achieve my main idea. Let’s say I put all the pieces together and I liked the outcome right away.

I explored several techniques along this project as shown in my last post. I had to think about armatures and mechanisms to make my model move, which I found really fun and interesting. The part where I had to cover my model in PVA was quite boring but once it was dry and I could cover it with clay I started to see the expression I wanted for my character and that was satisfying. I was not as successful in my clay layer as it would be expected and I know that if I had to do it again I would to it better and smother.
If I try to be more patient my work will probably improve.

My work was mainly influenced by Disney and Pixar cartoons. I tried to make my character fit in their characteristics (for example the googly eyes) simply because I absolutely love animation movies from those two industries and I would like to work for them one day.

Personally, I think that the only thing that didn’t work as I wanted was my clay layer.
I will certainly have to be more patient next time.

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