Animation Project – Character Design II

After a meeting with my teacher, we decided that made sense for me to look more into Czech illustrators and animators. I wanted to find a way to reference Czech Republic in my animation and finding inspiration by its artists is great way to start.

From the long list of artist I’ve looked into a few here were my favorites:

  • Jiri Trnka
  • Miroslav Šašek
  • Propaganda and commercials
  • František Skála
  • Květa Pacovská
  • Artus Scheiner
  • Illustration by Jan Šrámek & Veronika Vlková
  • Michal Bacák
  • Karel Zeman

From this list, my best inspirations so far are the two artists in bold: Jiri Trnka and  Květa Pacovská.

I did some sketching and I tried to do this exercise where I turn my character into the style of the other artists… and here are the results:


I really like the characters from Pacovska so I didn’t change them at all… instead, I tried to animate one, and this is the result:


Still working on characters but I like where this is going…!


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