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I discovered a scientific website a couple of years ago, recommended by a friend and it’s called “Wait but why”. It has a number of posts about many different themes and I often use them as a tool.

When starting to learn sound I discovered that they posted something about “everything you should know about sound”. It is extremely clear and easy to understand. Even if you didn’t study physics at a high level (like me).

In this website I’ve read stuff about AI, Elon Musk, Cryonics, SpaceX, how to organize your life better and even how to read faster! It’s a really interesting site and has real scientific sources.

I would recommend this site to everyone and I’m sure that each one of those people would find something to read according to their interests.

I’m not really trying to sell the website here hehe! I just want to say that people should really check it out and that I often use it and it’s a really useful tool. It also keeps me informed of some of the things that are happening and being tested.

They have rather funny drawings and graphics which makes it a lot easier to read science. No more uncomprehensible scientific language.


Note: To better know what’s going on in the scientific world (and more) there is an app called futurism who posts daily about discoveries and theories. Wait but why just posts every now and then.

Wait but why (link)

Futurism (link to app)


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