Copenhagen Research

For my research in Copenhagen I started looking into an official site for tourists –


I firstly look through the top 30 attractions and I found a few interesting places I would definitely would like to pass by.



  • The Alternative Christiania – a car-free neighborhood where a different life style was establishes in 1971 by a “group of hippies”. It is a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap organic eateries and nature. The are is open to the public but they have their one rules and apparently we have to take them seriously such as “not film or photograph”.   Photo


  • The National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet, it’s Northern Europe’s largest aquarium and the architecture of the building just looks breathtaking! They have several activities and are open all days of the week but the ticket is about 20 pounds so it is wuite expensive. Photo



  • ARKEN Museum of modern art, It has contemporary exhibitions and exhibits known artists but also “new” ones and the museum itself is an attraction due to its architecture.


  • The Botanical Garden in the center of Copenhagen is free! I looked into the list of “free things to do” in Copenhagen. It has 10 hectares and loads of different species of plants, which reminded me of the Eden project and how much I loved to go there. But putting the plants aside I am really excited to visit the Glasshouses that exist inside the garden, they look amazing!


  • Elmegade street is where the young people are! It has a lot of bars and boutiques and a lot of students hang out there on the sidewalk. It sounds nice for spending one of the evenings.


  • Straædet street, it had a lot of design and retail shops, it should be a nice place to relax during the Monday we arrive or the Friday we depart!

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