“Draw this in your style” challenge

Few months ago I discovered this challenge that was going around artists on instagram called “Draw this in your Style”. Basically, the artist makes a drawing and you redraw it in your own style according to the artists rules. Some want you to keep the same pallet or expression and others give complete freedom as long as you tag them on your post.

This has been a great exercise for me since I still don’t know what my style is… However, it helps me develop some character design imagination and I get to know a lot of different styles.

I don’t really know how my drawing will come out before I do it. I just “go with the flow” and usually the outcome is pretty satisfying.

Here are some of the challenges I made:

(left – originals, righ – mine)

Right now I am trying to get references from pictures and movies for my illustrations. A belgium artist called Aveline Stokart makes unbelievable beautiful illustrations and she’s one of my biggest inspirations right now. She inspired me to do cinematographic illustrations and here is my first try at it:



I hope to get better and better and it’s important to draw everyday…

I want to be able to come up with really fun and cool characters from scratch!!!



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