FMP – Development ideas for animation

I will do as much as I can to make it possible for my character to talk. For that, I am researching on lip sync and audio recording on animation. Firstly I will have to make a decision about the voice. I am looking for someone that fits my character’s personality but that’s quite hard since I didn’t really get to know my character yet. However, after I choose the person I will record her and video tape her speaking. With that, I will observe the mouth movements and study how they would look like on a beak.

Furthermore, I would like to make a video where I move my hands the way I want the bird to move them. I’ll then have a visual reference on how the bird should move to make it look natural.

The videos will be extremely helpful. After I have my final script I can start thinking about the ideal person/voice.

Note: Book recorder from Adrian

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