FMP – Research and development

This morning I finally photocopied the pages of the books I am researching. It took me much more time that I was expecting, it basically took me all morning to print all I wanted and cut the pages on the guillotine. During the rest of the day, I was chasing time to keep up with the tasks I had planned.

I did a lot of sketching today. I was observing birds and they’re movements so my drawings were quite fast and sketchy. I was really happy with the outcome because the final pieces were all really expressive and it helped my project moving forward when it comes to understanding how birds fly and move.


I then mounted the drawings into an A1 sheet. I was happy with but I still have to finish it because it looks too white or empty…


With the drawings I’ve made from animators research I came up with an A1 sheet to make it more visual. It turned out to look quite busy but I like it.


I finished the day by organising the next sheet I’m going to make, which is about the bird’s anatomy. I just cut some pictures and starting making a plan of how I want it to look like. But I also bought plasticine for my project. To be honest it was not an easy task… I don’t have experience, I don’t really know the amount of plasticine necessary to make one model so I just hope I bought enough.


To sum it up, my project is moving forward to a considerably fast rhythm. For now, the only thing that is bothering me is my last sheet, there is something missing but I don’t know what… Besides that everything is working really well because I managed to complete all tasks I planned and I’ve been being too optimistic but for now it’s ok. I am happy with my work so far. Sheets are looking good, research also and I am now ready to move on with CHARACTER DESIGN!!


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