Fundamentals of sound – Experimental class

On the second class of Fundamentals of Sound, professor Pedro prepared a different activity. His main goal was making us understand that sound is in fact everywhere and by being aware of it we can feel space and hear things we thought we weren’t able to.

1st exercise: We were gathered in pairs and while one was guiding with small touches in the shoulder the other was with his eyes closed (while EVERYONE had to be silent)

  • First time I did that. It was a great experience to be able to estimate the size of a room by the sound of a clap or a voice.

2nd exercise: professor Pedro gave us a sheet to complete. It had numbers of things like the loudest sound, the highest sound, a sound you never heard, a relaxing sound, etc… and along the walk we took, a SOUND WALK, we had to be silence and fill the sheets with sounds we were hearing.

  • It was an unbelievable experience although there was a lot of car noise what made our task harder, and maybe that was the purpose. Being focused on the sounds around us should be a daily exercise and I’ll try to make it a regular thing

3rd exercise: Drawing sounds (exactly what it is)

  • This was the activity that interested me the most since I love to draw… I guess most people did similar drawings, looking like sounds waves in different ways… But I want to explore that and draw with watercolour the sounds I hear, and see the difference between drawings made while listening to music and while listening to.. let’s say the world!

(the teacher collected the sheets, otherwise I would post the drawing I did)

I look forward to learning much more from this class!



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