Illustration Process

I am currently illustrating a Portuguese book for children. It is my first work for a real client. As I didn’t know anything about illustration processes I had to learn by myself. I decided to illustrate with watercolor. I drew just the characters and the background would be added later.IMG_20170120_154935IMG_20170122_182640

I then emailed the editor to ask the type of file I should send. I was told that the best for them was for the illustrations to be in vectors because they would need to make pop-ups in bigger dimensions. Of course, I panicked. The deadline is already short and my illustrations were in pixels and not in vectors so I emailed Claire about it. Claire appeared on my desk the next morning and explained everything to me in just 10 minutes! The process of my illustrations was:

  • Scan them in 300 dpi ( enough resolution )
  • After editing them on photoshop save them as a high-quality JPEG
  • Go to adobe illustrator – Open new
  • Place – Image trace – High fidelity colour
  • Expand
  • Save!

That way I could convert my pixelated illustrations into vectored ones. I also learned how to select a certain part of an image and place it into a different background.

These are the stages:


I believe this job will help me a lot when it comes to connections and learning about illustration processes.

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