Life Drawing – Progression

This academic year I am trying to take life drawing classes  every week! I believe it is something crucial for any artist. I want to be able to draw a human body correctly from every perspective and know exactly where every muscle goes.

Every class takes 3 hours with a 10 minute break between each hour. However, it goes really really fast

About a couple of days ago I decided to take pictures of all my life drawings so far and I was so choked about my progression!!!  Of course I still have a long way from where I want to be but it’s mesmerizing to see how much someone can evolve in 2 months.

Here are my drawings, from the oldest to the most recent:

The teacher gives feedback and help once every hour, to everyone. At the end of the class we display our drawing on the floor and he goes and talks to us individually about it. This is a great method because I remember all the notes and corrections he told me about each drawing. For example, about the last one I did, it has a frame mistake because her feet didn’t fit on the paper and also the model’s body was a little bit larger than what it looks like in my drawing.

Right now my biggest problem is the head/face area. I just take a long time understanding it and when I think I did it I compare the model to my drawing and they look nothing alike…

I’ll keep working on it! And meanwhile, I’ve put all of these on my portfolio under “Life Drawing”, go check it out!

Do you think I got better? Any advice?

Stay tuned 😉

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