LTA – Portuguese Cinema

Since the beginning of the course, teachers talk about the importance of knowing our own directors, movies and writers. By that, I mean Portuguese ones. And that’s when it hit me that I don’t know anything about Portuguese cinema. Only Manuel de Oliveira, and to be honest I never watched any of his movies and two old movies named “Canção de Lisboa” and “Leão de Estrela”. Besides that I know few Portuguese comedy movies, so yes, it is slightly sad.

Of course, I have to put an end to the ignorance of mine towards a subject I should be more than familiarized with. For now, I’ll just try to watch as much as I can because I know I’ll learn a lot with my classes about different styles and methods and only when I have those things learned I’ll be able to recognize them in different movies and evaluate them.

I researched very little so far. But I found a good website that will at least help me know a bit more about what’s out there!

I am also looking for some articles about the subject, which are not easy to find… Can’t wait to see and know more 🙂


Important note: Always remember the name of the producer of the movie

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