Making of – Documentary “Duo”

Moving Image Practice is one of the subjects I am taking this semester. The exercise I am going to write about is the second one. (I’ll write the first one later..)

The project consisted on shooting an observational documentary. Each student briefed their idea to the class and the teacher chose 4 out of 16. My idea was not chosen and I was put on a group with a really interesting theme!

It was the idea of Edgar, a colleague of mine, that decided he wanted to make a small documentary about the building Casa da Música, which is a concert house with a particular shape. The floor around this beautiful building is really irregular and mountain shaped in a way that skaters are the people who take the most of it!

Edgar wanted to capture the difference between the skaters, who make the most usage of the surroundings of the building during the day and the “fancy” people who come to see the concerts at night.

Although everyone participated on the documentary itself with the camera, I was the one in charge of the making of!

For now I am not going to give a lot of details about how the project went since I’ll do that in the next post regarding this documentary. For now I only going to tell you about the making of.

The making of is a forever lasting documentation of the shooting process. While taking all the pictures I had a lot of concerns in mind. I wanted to:

  • Capture the building’s reflections and peculiar shapes
  • Register all the steps of our days, from the moment we left uni to the scene
  • Capture my colleagues expressions, while they were not looking so I could get an honest and natural photo. Didn’t matter if they were happy or tired, I wanted to get their true emotions.

Here is the result… (it’s a lot of pictures!!!)

I would like to have had more time to explore the photography on the skaters but this was what I got. I must say I’m happy with the outcome!

Here is the link for the documentary!!!


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