Script Writing – Final Project

In the beginning, I thought the module was interesting but it got even better!! Especially when I started to write!

This module’s final project was to transform our creative writing story into a small movie, therefore, a script. We could change some parts of the story but the main idea had to be there.

The final project was to write:

  • Statement of intent
  • Synopsis
  • Character Description
  • Step-Outline
  • 2 to 4 pages of Script

Since I didn’t love the story I wrote in creative writing it was really hard for me to find the motivation to start. I spent last year in England so my writing got really really bad compared to what it used to be. Besides my lack of confidence, I didn’t find a way to turn around my story and I couldn’t think of it visually, as a movie…

The teacher Ana Sofia really helped and gave a lot of feedback on this project which made me want to do it little by little.

The script writing is really different from the “normal”. One cannot simply write about feelings and abstract things. Everything has to be highly visual so that the hypothetical producer, that reads the script, can already have an overall image of how the movie will work and how the characters will look like. Usually, the present is the only tense there is in the script. The text also has to be interesting and the writer has to find a balance between putting his style on the writing and keeping it visual!

It was a completely different writing exercise from creative writing. Although I feel like I learned a lot I am aware that I only know the basics.

Here is my final project (in Portuguese):



Enjoy if you can 😉




20 thoughts on “Script Writing – Final Project

    1. I guess the solution is trying to find a way to turn it around. To change the story. The key is to have the patience to deal with the story you don’t like and make slight changes little by little. At least that’s how I see it.

      1. Nice but actually i wanted to ask that suppose i started a story to write( for a movie ) and completed it about 40 – 60 %. Now because i don’t have a good climax and other details to move ahead , i left it aside for a time. After some time i feel that the story is not so impressive like someone feels after mood swing. So what to do then??

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