The Animator’s Survival Kit – Life Drawing

Recently I started reading a book called “The Animator’s Survival Kit”. Apparently it is mandatory for anyone that wants to be an animator!

The writing is very clear and it has a lot of images supporting the ideas and so far I really really like it. Although it’s getting more and more technical…!

One of the first great lessons this book taught me was that life drawing (drawing people) is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. I once attended an illustration lecture and I remember the lecturer saying “an animator has to be able to draw anything from any angle possible” and Richard Wiliams, the author of the book, reinforces that statement!

I have life drawing classes everyday but friday at my uni. Although I am not taking that class on paper, the teacher lets me go as many times as I want. Well, I found this to be a huge opportunity because it’s for free, they provide some of the material and on top of that I have the teacher’s guidance!!! So, I started going once a week since 2 weeks ago but I really want to try and go 2 times per week…

Here are my drawings (a lot to improve I know):


Each class lasts 3h and between each hour there’s a 10min break. For now I have problems with faces and toes… and strong shadows. I guess I am too scared I will ruin the drawing.

I will continue attending the classes and reading the book! I really believe I can learn a lot from it 🙂

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