After the morning research, I mounted my artist’s images into a research sheet. I just sketched a few things to reference I liked on the printed pictures.



Then I dug into some Sparrow research. I got this book from the library called “Manual of Ornithology” that has really clear images of all types of birds and their body structure, skeleton and details such as feathers and foot shape. I took some copies of the pages that were relevant to this project. I then mounted it on a sheet. Again there is some sketching and visual notes. It’s a visual study of a Sparrow!



I came back to one of my previous sheets I was not so happy about and made it slightly better! (just added the bits of paper with the white line drawings to fill the white spaces)


My project is going ok. I need to speed up things a  little because I don’t have a lot of time. When it comes to sketching and mounting sheets I am satisfied. And also with research I reading a lot at home so those things are going well. However, I believe I could be a bit bolder in the way that I use materials and mount things because this project should, in a way, reflect me as a person and I have to work a bit more freely. What’s next? I have a couple more sheets to mount and next week I hope to work on my model starting with some armature trials.


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