Animating Documentary II

Before I start my post I just wanted to state that I have been reeeeaaally lazy on my blog pots…

So, I continue working with the producer for the documentary I mentioned a couple of posts ago. Sometimes it gets really hard because I am animating scenes where I can’t draw. I have to pick up pieces of drawings and make them move.. Given that, there are pros and cons of course.


  • The animation ends up being jerky
  • It’s hard to smooth with any brush because the texture of the drawing itself is really difficult to get
  • Everything looks the same all the time. What I do is just move pieces around


  • I don’t have to draw anything! I know I said it was hard like that but actually it makes easier between the client and the worker. Since I won’t be changing the drawings, the client always knows what to expect. It is really hard to not like the animators style if he’s not drawing.
  • There are times where a lot of graphic problems come up and it feels good to find a smart solution that works both visually and technically!
  • I am learning a different way of animating which is great.

I am also learning that dealing with « bosses » is not always pleasant. Especially when they take weeks to get feedback but then want things done urgently. It’s a part of the professional world and I am really glad I’m having a small little sense of it already.

Today I just finished animating a manatee swiming. Here’s a screenshot of the little guy:

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 17.25.35 (2).png

Stay tuned 😉

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