Art Vlog 4

Hi everyone!

This week I continued with my figure drawing practice in a new sketchbook. I also dealt with Art block and drew some comics.

I feel like my weeks look very repetitive but to me every drawing is different! It’s hard to keep myself motivated without any « real » deadlines but I am getting used to the « Freelancer » life. My dream is to be able to keep freelance as my full time job but for that there is still a lot of work to do! I am currently working on my online shop! I can’t wait to launch it 🙂

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I am now filming to post a video every week 🙂

ABOUT ME: My name is Maria. I am a young illustrator from Portugal currently focused on learning more about drawing and storytelling. My dream is to become a concept artist and work in the animation industry. My other passions besides illustrating are music, sports and animals (specially dogs)!

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