Basics of Multimedia – Erasmus

In the first class of this subject we did a small exercise with the software Resolume, which we will learn during the semester.

The teacher put 3 cardboard boxes on top of a table. The boxes had their top lid facing us so they kind of looked like 3 rectangular screens from our point of view.

The main goal was to be able to project something on those areas using the projector connected to the computer. (Using resolume).

First he explained a few basics about the software and it’s usage. We input images or footage. We can destort the image with sound for example.. We can also use it to control lights and leds – To create led walls.

The exercise was pretty easy so we had done it in less than 1h. This was the result:

videos projected on the boxes
Software view on the computer
videos projected on the boxes

After doing this he showed us some references on things artists do with this kind of software:

I wasn’t able to install Resolume on my computer because I did not take it to the first class but I will take care of that and start playing with it!

It looks like it will be an interesting class, I just don’t know its main goal yet!



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