Creating a Youtube account

Do I want to be a freelancer?

I am starting a YouTube channel!!!

Currently, I am enrolling an online course of concept art. The more I hear interviews with concept artists the more I want to become a freelancer. I am still going to study and work hard to get into animation or game studios. However, it is clear now that my biggest dream is to be able to live off my art. Needless to say I think this is every artist’s dream… I am very conscious of the amount of work I’ll have to put into it. I’ll also have to be very consistent and never give up!

After realizing that this is what I wanted to do I made a list of steps to take. I want to be present in all the social media platforms that I think are important and one of them is YouTube, so I decided to create a channel!

Draw My Life

I am a very shy person on camera so I had to think about a way of « easing » my way into the youtuber vibe.

I’ve seen a lot of artist introduce themselves with drawings so I decided to do the same. I wrote a small script summing up my life, I drew a couple of sketches of how I wanted it to look and I recorded it! It was very hard for me to record the voice over because I am just not comfortable being recorded (on camera or audio).

After hearing the first try I laughed a lot because I sounded like a dead person… I then recorded it over and over again but I just decided it was not going to get better in 1 day. So right now I am approaching YouTube as an experiment. I am trying to learn as much as I can without too much pressure.

So without farther ado, here is the outcome:

It is certainly not easy but I won’t give up!

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