DHL – Valentines Promotional Video

I got a small job as a camera man for a promotional video for DHL!!!

DHL is a transporting company and they recently created a partnership with a condom company. On the valentines day (today) they decided to have 2 cupids handing out condoms and wishing a happy valentine’s day in name of DHL.

The cupids:

My brother and his girlfriend

First time I worked with the camera like that.. We even had a script!

There was another camera man who was more experienced than I am (not hard, honestly) so I followed his advice.

We spend about 3/4h in the streets of Porto filming the cupids giving out condoms to people, mainly couples. It was really fun! I didn’t get to review my footage since I had to give the camera right after the event. Since I am not the one doing the editing I’ll only see the video when it’s done, which is this Friday!

In generally it went well but I had some troubles with the focus on the camera. I don’t know why I can never work with the automatic focus. I hope the production people like most of my footage…. We’ll see!

I’ll post the video here once it’s ready!


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