FMP – 3D meeting, peer feedback

On this Wednesday’s meeting, Helen explained how we should research and what should we do with it and use it for. The presentation was fast and quite useful.


After that, we were divided into groups to make a 5 min presentation of our projects to get some peer feedback. It was interesting to know what others are doing in detail.

I presented my sheets, my sketchbooks and my plan. The feedback and ideas I got were:

  • A good primary research
  • Good link between research and design
  • good range from wide animation to the wing mechanism
  • Researching filming techniques
  • Good character development
  • Knows what’s next


  • Watch Chicken Run
  • Illustrate set, the background
  • or simply build it but make a set for sure
  • Time lapse of animation process

This was basically all I got from Eve Bannister and Eve Martin. It was so helpful!! I love the idea of making a time lapse. I now want to make it for both the stop-motion process and the model making. Also about the set making, I liked the way they encouraged me on doing it.  After this meeting, I changed my plans a bit but all my work seems going forward and it felt great having such a positive feedback.


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