Illustration for a better world!

About two weeks ago I decided to do something I wanted for a reaaally long time – draw something meaningful. The world has lots of problems and I believe that it is our duty to do something to help at least one of those problems. Pollution, violence, starvation, poverty, diseases… There’s a long list to choose from. People should pick at least one and do something about, no matter how small!

So, I decided to draw something about pollution and global warming, which is a problem that breaks my heart.. Mainly because animals are suffering and the ocean became liquid garbage.

For now I only made 2 drawings but I hope to make it into a long series of illustrations. Here are the ones I did so far:

After I got these done I also thought it would be a good idea to sell tote bags with the animals! That way people can have a bag to go shopping that’s not made of plastic. I also thought it would be great to speak to a foundation that cleans the oceans so they would collaborate with me. That way I could donate a percentage of my tote bag to them!

There’s is still a lot to do for it to happen but here is the prototype:

Go check my posts with these illustrations on Instagram and READ THE CAPTION!!!

Stay tuned for more news!!!

Q: What animal should I draw next?

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