Insect Project

Once this project was set up I took a long time to start it… When finally I started researching I discovered that I could make it about a book I really like : “Metamorphosis” by Kafka. I searched different methods and different flip books. I decided I was going for a really basic hand-drawn flip book. Once I had the research sheets done it was time for me to start drawing.

However, there were no light boxes I could use so I had to wait weeks to discover that Adrian as a couple of them in his office. I talked to him sat on the light box right away after I found it. It took me about 1 hour I would say to make my flip book:

The flipbook is here !

And that was it!

The next step was to make the separate sheets into a book. Me and Eve had a workshop with here where we glued all the sheets together and cut them the same size.


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