Life Drawing – Erasmus

Last week I found out that there are life drawing lessons at my university.

I asked the department right away if I could attend classes and since I do not need the credits, I can go even twice a week!

This made me really happy because life drawing is crucial, no matter in what visual arts area you are. Observational drawing is hard and must be practiced. So… I went on my first class and the experience was amazing!

First of all, the atmosphere in the room and its decoration is great for inspiration:

There were 3 model and you had to draw to one you were closer to.

Here they seated while a strong light was on them so the contrasts are great. One of life drawing’s difficulties is to understand light – very important:


The class took it’s normal course:

  • Prepare paper and stick it into canvas with masking tape.
  • Prepare drawing material.
  • Position the weasel according to our dominant hand (my case, the left) and height.
  • Draw for 3 hours (2 breaks)
  • Once the time is over, fixate our drawing with the spray.
  • Put everything back in place.

I was a little scared because it has been a while since I did life drawing… The lesson itself was good and the teacher was really helpful and welcoming. Though I am not exactly proud of my work, here it is:

I am really happy that I can attend these classes and I will surely get better!

(I hope……………)

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