Paper project

Research: First I researched into different artist and animators. I found all kind of methods to use paper in animation. I decided from the start that I wanted to do a stop animation with paper and I looked some incredibly detailed ones…!

I could only animate a fairy tail from the Grimm’s brothers and as there are so many I couldn’t decide. I called a friend and asked her which one was her favourite and she said “Bremen’s Musicians” where there are 4 animals that are going to die if they don’t escape from their owners so each one of them decides to escape and become a musician!




For the animation, I decided to use silhouettes on a coloured background with a light box bellow. I started by trying out different backgrounds.

And then cut the scenario with 4 different houses in the back representing each animal: The donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster.


Once that was done I had to begin thinking about the animals silhouettes. It was quite hard to find or make good silhouettes but after a while thinking I decided to pick up different positions of each animals to make it look like it was walking and make those positions go from really small to big so it looked like they were coming closer. I printed the silhouettes and started cutting them. It took me about one day and a half to cut them all!


Finally I had to choose the instruments for each animal. I as knew I wanted to do the background song myself on garage band I first tried the instruments and once the song was finished I gave each animal one instrument. The process was fast.


Everything was ready so I booked the photo studio with Adrian, whom was really useful and started photographing….


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