Studying at Catholic University of Portugal (Porto)

After a being accepted in several universities in the UK, such as Bournemouth University, Southampton Solent University and University for the Creative Arts, all for Animation courses I decided to research about some other courses in Portugal, my home country.

I found the Catholic university of Portugal. The course is called « Som e Imagem » (sound and image) and I’ll be starting in a few days. I am quite excited since this course includes two of my favourite subjects: Sound, music and Image, animation and so on…


I applied to the course with my portfolio and grades which got me a 100% shcolarship!

Although I decided to come back to Portugal after a year in England I still dream big, I want to travel and discover the world and learn as much as I can. I’d say my ambition would be to take my masters at Gobelins in Paris and work in the US, but that’s for later 🙂

For now, I am truly happy for starting my course in Católica. I want to learn, work and take the most of it that I’m able to



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  1. What a Foundation year Maria, got you the big front door entrance @ Catolica, a wider and fundamentals choice, I will look forward your next achievements. Illustration, music and playing piano, as well as sports competiton (volleyball), will help you to keep your mind sharp, focus and willing to overcome yourself at each step. Congratulations from your proud… Dad!

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