VIZ-COM project 1 Reflection


At first the research went well. Maybe I could have gone a bit deeper on some aspects but to be honest, the place that was given to me didn’t have that much useful information to the project.

My idea development process was naturally flowing during the first 2 postcards and I felt stuck when making the text and image and collage ones. If I had kept the schedules I made for myself it wouldn’t have been a problem being stuck but as I got delayed I started to stress without being able to think and work as I usually do.

Perhaps I should have tried a larger range of materials on this project, I only used the ones I’m confident about and by doing that I didn’t learn any new technical skills or approaches.

My A1 sheets went well given the fact that I had never worked on them before but I didn’t use my sketchbook as much as it would be expected so in one hand it’s good I got to work with a new and bigger area but on the other hand I can’t forget the support that the quick drawings give me on the sketchbook.

When choosing my final ideas I usually pick what works better for me. I often ask others their opinion but just in case I’m in between two good ideas.

Next time I would probably change a few things such as experiment different materials, research deeper into the artists I’m more interested about and give more use to every tool I have in hand.


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