3D – Character Research

I thought that coming up with a character based on our self would be easy because who know us better than ourselves? But it wasn’t. In the begging I was struggling and the only idea I had was to make my model an animal and not human shape. I guess I started my project quite late because I couldn’t decide what to do.

After a few days ideas started to pop-up. I chose to do a fusion of animals, a fox, a sloth and a dog and everyone of them has it’s meaning concerning my personality.

Fox: “It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt. We see its entire body is pointed like an arrow – straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined, and powerfully focused mindset in order to “hit the target” of our desires.” Fox’s meaning and symbolism’s are:

  • cunning
  • strategy
  • quick-thinking
  • adaptability
  • cleverness
  • wisdom

I can see most of these qualities in myself and the fox is an animal I always loved.

Sloth: “they are extremely friendly to the point of seeming a bit naive. That paired with their tendency to avoid confrontation” and they are of course known by their slowness on doing things which I can relate to. Either the slowness or their naivety.

Dog: Mostly because they are SO CUTE but also because of their companionship, loyalty and intelligence.

After choosing the animals I wanted to fuse I started to experiment on my A1 idea development sheet. I studied the physiognomy of the sloth and the fox and how to mix them. Then I thought about some detail such as putting my eye color on the character and my earrings.

It was quite easy to think about the armature and after a while I had my character designed as well as some color tests and cartoony facial expressions !

My sheet:


Now the model making begins!!!


3 pensamentos em “3D – Character Research

  1. Great an amazing idea Maria, congratulations. Have you finished it already? Where can I see it?
    Please ask the Fox or Dog bits of you, to eat the Sloth or just smash it from your body out…

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