Birthday Illustration

In the middle of September I got a call from my aunt asking me to make an illustration for her sister’s birthday! (My godmother btw).

The illustration had to be hand made and with watercolors. No digital touch.

My aunt made it very easy because she told me exactly what she wanted. As a designer she must know how frustrating it is to try and figure out what the client wants.


  • Both my aunt and her sister in it.
  • Draw different objects that point out their differences, one with the laptop, rational, organized and sporty and the other one with a camera, flowers and comfy hippie shoes.
  • Use the colors red and blue for the first one and the colors orange and purple for the second one

This was basically what my aunt wrote me and to add up to that she also sent me some references:


We had discussed on the phone that I would be using watercolors and fine liners only!

And so I started and here is the journey!!!

I tried different approaches and I was always talking to my aunt after every try I made.

We both agreed that the last one was the most original but that the sister on the left should be the one with the arm position from talking because apparently she speaks a lot with gestures and that one on the right, which is the older sister, should have her arm around her because she has the protective role.

I changed those things and here is the final one:


It is simple but really colorful! I really liked the outcome because it is much more my style than the first ones. I already shipped it and my aunt is going to frame it. I hope i arrives on time!!!!

Had a lot of fun playing with watercolor so if you need some illustrations contact me 😉


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