FMP – Set design and voice recording

Set design

Yesterday I called my dad and asked him to take pictures of the indoor gym of the club because I will try to draw it and make it my set. My idea is to remake the gym and draw it with watercolors. I would also like to have a volleyball net on the set and a few plasticine balls on the floor. As Helen suggested in our last tutorial I researched backdrop animators and designers:


  • Paul Julian – Warner Bros.
  • Barry Kooser – Disney, Worker Studio
  • Brice Mack – Disney
  • Maurice Noble – Warner Bros., MGM Animation
  • Kazuo Oga – Studio Ghibli, Madhouse
  • Walter Peregoy – Disney, Format Films, Hanna-Barbera
  • Tyrus Wong – Disney, Warner Bros
  • Kōji Yamamura – Independent
  • Yale Gracey – Disney

I’ve quickly looked thorough these and saved a few images that inspired me. I might do a sheet with them.

Voice recording

I have now a draft of my script. With that, I started imagining my character’s personality and her potential voice. I wrote a few notes that say her voice has to be:

  • Happy, excited
  • Childish
  • Naive
  • Young and fun

I will be able to edit the voice so I can play with it but I wouldn’t want to go too far from the original.




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  1. Maria, who thought or wonder that you would be the one giving voice and animation to our birds and… in English?? This is definitely a key point of success, because emotion and engagement from the viewer, comes exactly from the match between voice-animation-message. Good luck!

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