FMP – Set design, gesture and lip movement studies

I finally finished my volleyball net. The project is going as planned though I am leaving a lot of work for the last week. I am loving the experience of this project and I keep learning everyday. I feel like I am pushing myself every day, in a good way.

Now I am looking at some videos before starting the animation… As I researched, it really helps if we have a video of a person making the same gestures we want the bird to make so I asked my dad to make some video with different gestures and expressions for the different lines of the Bird. And so he did!Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.55.51.png

(just a screenshot of the video)

With this I intend to study the movement so the bird looks more natural! I also asked Lucy Barlett (my voice), to film herself talking so I could study her lip movement so it would be easier to sync with the Bird’s beak.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.57.38.png

I am getting closer to animate and it has been a long long journey. I think that technically, the project is working but my problems will appear while making the animation and I won’t have a lot of time to fix them. Perhaps the plasticine moulding could have gone better but I still have time to fix it. I am truly excited to start “shooting”


To do list (next):

  • improve bird, soften the plasticine
  • paint clay volleyballs
  • paste backdrop onto the set
  • Animate!!

9 pensamentos em “FMP – Set design, gesture and lip movement studies

  1. Looks great Maria, congratulations. Perhaps the eyes expression should look “less serious”, you need joy and enthusiasm when transmitting the message, after all Rita is loving the fact she become a volley4all SPARROW and is passing the message to invite people in.

    1. I agree about the eyes expression, the bird has atitude it means that she knows who she is and what she wants.
      But if she represents a club she has to be more empathic (?) and joyfull.

  2. Love the processus and your reflexions! It’s very interesting this kind of diary where we can be near from your project!
    I ansious too see the final animation.
    ‘Bora lá Maria!

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