Museums Project – Product ideas

The first stage of this project was sketching. I sketched a few things I liked at first and only after I researched about the museum.

Between the Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers we had to create a product that the store would sell. The Natural History Museum looked really appealing to me because I just love animals and specially drawing them. However that’s inside my comfort zone so I decided to go for the Pitt Rivers museum where I ended up finding a lot of patterns, colours and Egyptian figures that got my attention. I also thought that most people were doing the Natural History Museum so my choice was made.

Inside the Pitt Rivers there are a lot of drawers and closets and it has 3 floors so I find it a bit hard to develop a product based on such a great and big collection. Therefore the next step will be to minimise the amount of pieces or patterns I want to work on.

After a while wondering around the museum I got really into the Egyptian figures and started to sketch more that.

So I began to think about products and there are a few characteristics I want my product to fulfil, it has to be:

  1. Cheap (or available for every social class)
  2. Practical
  3. Useful
  4. Made for a wide range of ages
  5. Visually pleasant

I researched on useful items and products (on my journal) and then made a small research between relatives and friends to gather information about what they would buy at a museum store. (It had to be an object since I’m in 3D).

My first idea is yet to be developed but I would like to make a lamp with Egyptian patterns or something that connects Egypt and light in some way. I’ll soon present my A1 research sheet and the idea development one.

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