Typography Postcard


My initial ideas were:

  • The use of flowers
  • Sanremo’s train station
  • Poor gastronomy
  • Rally

I wanted to either combine those topics or use them individually to my typography postcard. I liked the shape of the tires and began to think of interesting ways of representing them so I started my A1 work sheet!

Just when I began to develop my ideas on the sheet we had a project review meeting with Karl where we sat on the table and talked about our work to other colleagues and they would give us ideas/ things we could improve/ positive critics about our work which I found it was tremendously helpful that time because I was feeling a bit lost. As I presented my work these were the suggestions I got:

  • city of flowers + metal materials combined (eg: flowers from metal)
  • paint in style of Italian painter (boccioni???)
  • flowers with colors from cars (rally)
  • tires could be used as the middle of the flowers

Later on I started to develop the ideas that were giving to me and my own combined as I would search for typographers as well. I took a look at some artists that ended up inspiring my final work:

  1. Eric Gill – He was mainly typographer and sculptor but what fascinated me about him was the way he uses lettering to create shapes in order to send a message.
  2. Neville Brody – From what I’ve searched of him he developed a whole new language “that consisted of a mixture of visual and architectural elements” but what really captured me was how his thinking behind the project is present in the project itself!
  3. Herb Lubalin – Again, his beautiful lettering to form shapes, the way he plays with the word’s meanings and how he represents them.

My sheet along the project:

3Y00nI7K1P12LsHIhWfbB-Z1wIG1ZoLRmOeD93PTgPkdtjtSnfAINXuHl8hQvrsqbnrw9DKlpopSg8vS62UwKPV2g2qhXoBuyaPggfosCYumVW2zkTmoBXYMS6BrI60Ul4l2QgI2Y29C0Is2l7OLMbdimsIbnZmjm4QlYcE6NQYalqccHvqiPUZmOKTae_YDtoat2xY4b_DddJ1eLDl7mXAZ0D2b6TG73.jpg           iBQB6bOrmt4QaOuPh_ScduycZFATj3OetZ9f_IN68Mnsn1SluXRzi8a8Jzf8wZ40YppvZpj9yYQN_mxsqziDGObtya9WthFmzcXrhFaoxarkBdWyyHZwj7WD6zf2dh5qcr1UOXUZCp2R-uwaDWDOZLXpboFLVgQ-WVTl-reCEPpkSp876UIvbej2ghficVOWbj9aBvfamJGhHfo-BQibrnVDMAWq_6O-D.jpg


After I completed it I had more or less the final idea. However I still did some color experiences on my sketchbook:

-_oC7RF54-vGrgcH2gJ4T1jSCEh1vlVmaYK9stAfZTTQ2jjbfxoEXa7WcAfwi2O2GA_EavqOq2yDwuG0QOb3zskwlolNI0chHx3bFvd2RK6QaPjbJ1EKziS-RkBHVMupdYOYYP00IpjcSvsLx3ZXOfLSlRgYbXg-NechxGM133SUgmeFTP4ZBlpFcqxlu6yIuBDUC7n9t7eyPtdcpKdmz51dzy_pLyVWk.jpg 8Pnf6nPdwsbllfZpKw0bXgxvCHjig_VRZMEtELdTYDqdxb2Gw6VQ6D_y6WX3vNYaiRyprrD_cl8pcQYnRksRJSfkI3M_Tfu4Y7efeTB7EIR1N0PTEz2i1InIOytfJqJYZq_jHU3RTkSF7WPjmzgApEr3DusbcBAjkVcC9_3R9yGMTxhBMz54F-uEHICHagCKv0dUrhxOO-p05uXEv7V5iEp6OHmJu4ohL.jpg






I didn’t think that any of these ideas worked 100% so I decided to not use either the black background or the text saying “THE CITY OF”


And finally my final typography postcard!


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