3D Ceramics & Glass – Reflection

In this particular project I believe I skipped some research phases. Though I really enjoyed the project I feel like I could have done more. It was fun for me working with such variety of materials,that’s why I also did some extra work adviced by Helen. 

The clay tile was not what I was hoping before because as explained before I didn’t manage to get the image I wanted in time so it ended up being too simple for me and I believe it doesn’t show my skills completely. Next time I should really try to print the images I need for the project sooner and not 10 minutes before the workshop. 

On the other hand, I was really happy with my glass tiles (The 3 pieces) because they came out of the kiln quiet similar as they were before going inside and the work itself really reflects me. A note to self would be probably:

  • Managing my time better
  • Focus on research 
  • Take responsibility if I leave things for last minute 
  • Learn with my experiences, with the positives and negatives.

I believe this project got me closer to my course choice since I enjoyed more than the others. 

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