Animation Softwares

Right now I want to focus a bit on learning a 3D animation software. I want to discover if I actually like working on 3D sotftwares. Most of them are really complicated so it will be a challenge. I made a research in order to choose the best software I should start with.

Here is the link where I based my decision on. They have the 2018 top list of 3D softwares and explain their features functions and level of learning.

I made a small selection first:

  • Maya – Best for modelling, really complex software but really powerful tool. (Only free trial for a limited amount of time and then it is payed. A lot)
  • Hudini
  • Cinema 4D – Combines well with after effects which I am learning so it is really handy
  • Blender – FREE software, good for beginners, excellent to see if 3D is for me.

Ultimately, my plan is to try blender and know how to manover it. If I like 3D I believe Maya is a really good investment. All the big studios in the US use it.

Here are some of the features of the website!

Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to do things like this:






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