FMP – Another day at the office

Today I started cutting my set. I just took a card box and started cutting it the way I think will suit the best for my set.

After that, I made a few stop motion experiences of details of the bird. (the eyes, the beak, the hair and the fake legs)

Later on, I made a few extra eyes to add some emotions. Meanwhile, I got the email from my dad with the pictures of the gym so I printed them and put them on the set to start picturing how I want the set to look like.


The pictures are not great quality but as I know the gym by heart it’s easy for me. I will use paper with a wood pattern for the floor. That’s what I decided.

After that I started storyboarding the stories I wrote and Eve told me that I should write under each picture what’s happening, the dialogue and arrows indicating what he character is doing.



The project is going as schedule but it is still a lot of work ahead. I am really excited about the final outcome and I love how this project is making me grow and understand what it takes to pursue animation. (though I am aware that in the animation world I won’t be able to participate so much in one animation, I would be responsible for a small part)





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  1. Crazyy Mariaaa, first time I saw drawing in… serial! Love this one and of course you know… that book already has a shelf… destiny!

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