FMP – Set design

I started my set design. First of all, I did some research on weaving in order to make my volleyball net. It was the only way I thought I could make it. I actually came up with the idea really fast and it worked pretty well, I must say I am proud.

I painted the set (the card box) black on the outside so it doesnt look so ugly and I changed my mind about the wooden floor. I want lighter tone of wood.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 22.54.59.png

Through all this process I am making time lapse videos. I am also doing some sketchbook work on the set design, trying out some bacgrounds, colours and mechanisms. When it comes to the net I decided to use balsa for the pols and paint them yellow.


And this is what I’ve done so far for the set..

Extra news of the day : I finally found the voice to my character!! Lucy Barlett from our course! She agreed on being  Rita’s voice and as I asked she even filmed herself talking so I could see the movement of her mouth. THANK YOU LUCY!!!


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