Major Project – Initial Research

This final year of bachelor each student has to develop a final major project, whether it’s animation, multimedia or cinema, and throughout the year we will do pre-production, production and post production. The goal is to take this project and work on it as if we were in the professional world already. We will learn how to document everything in order to be able to ask for funding, we’ll learn exactly how each stage of a production works and we’ll have lots of deadlines to help us commit.

Every year there is a main theme by which the student should base their idea on and this year’s theme is « Art and Science ». We had a presentation on how we could explore this in different ways comparing, for example, how artistic methods are different than scientific ones. Science usually questions reality and answers its own question. While art raises a question and asks its public even more questions.

I started doing some research and for now this is what I am into:

Art and Science:


  • Our relationship with what surrounds us. How small we really are compared to the universe itself.
  • James Turrell – An artist that explores empty space.
  • Theories on space paradoxes.
  • Big bang theory that was recently proven to be right.

Human Condition:

  • Sir Roger Perrose explains: What makes us us? What’s conscious? The duality of our knowledge.
  • Fingerprint: Our individual mark that, if analyzed, we can share with other living beings.
  • The Human as the center of the world, as the higher being. Why is that? Should we really live by the expression « I think, therefore, I exist »?
  • Cryogenics – The process of conserving our brains for a change to be « resurrected »


  • What is time? (hours, days, years), did we made it up?
  • How time passes when we dream and our perception of it.


  • Every living being is connected somehow, even if it’s just by cells
  • Weird pairs of animals work – does evolution mean that animal instincts will change?


  • How we can see art in nature elements like the insides of our body or corals in the ocean
  • If we zoom out on the universe or zoom in in our body the images are very similar (cycle)

After gathering all these loose ideas and discussing them with a couple of friends I realized something… That I’ve always struggled with my interests! They are always too broad and I end up feeling lost. Lost! I have this image of myself as a chameleon that is constantly changing because I don’t have a « strong personality ». I feel like I keep changing so people like me and for this project I don’t want to create something that’s just « nice ».

After a little reflection I decided I want to research about finding « who am I? ». I think nowadays people say that new generations are getting more and more selfish and self-centered and that may be true but do they know themselves? Or are they just a version of themselves with a mask of what society says you should be?

That’s what I’ll explore!

Stay tuned 😉


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