Major Project – Presentation I

This week I did the first presentation for my final project! The goal of the presentation was to show what we researched about and come up with 3 different ideas for animations.

If you read my last post you know that I am interested in a lot of things and somehow I found the research to be very overwhelming… I was not able to come up with 3 ideas (although I scribbled a lot..). I simply presented my way of thinking and all the research I had so far. The teachers understood my line of thought and gave me some important feedback:

  • If it feels like « too much » it’s because I still didn’t find my theme. Otherwise it wouldn’t feel like research.
  • Instead of staying home all day looking at articles and videos I should go out and do what I like (drawing, listening to music going to exhibitions) to let the ideas stir a little inside my head. Obviously the idea will not fall on my lap but this method can help.
  • Think about writing animation as if it was a poem and not a formal script.

Not sure where this will lead me but it’s worth a try! It just seems hard to conceive that I will be able to come up with a powerful idea in such a short time. In my opinion, if your idea is great, it might take a life time to develop it correctly and we are supposed to do it in a year…

From now on I’ll try to relax a bit more and enjoy doing what I like, let’s see what my little brain is capable of!



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