Reflection – Museums project

I do not see this project as a success. However, there is a lot to learn with it.

First of all, the research. I would say that the research was the best part of the project because I was able to take a tour at the museum, take loads of notes and gather a lot of useful and interesting information that I wouldn’t have if I was alone.

I sketched quite a few things and details that caught my attention but I could have drawn much more and after I had the sketchbook and the research I got lazy. I thought I would have time to come up with a product, but I didn’t. By the time we had to have all the sheets ready to send them to the museum I only had my A1 research sheet. That turned the possibility of my product being chose impossible. I didn’t have any product.

After that I just lost motivation and let time pass without doing much about the project and until now I don’t have a product. Now I see that I really have to put myself into a project when I receive the brief. Otherwise it will be really hard to catch up.

Next time I really have to change my disposition and attitude towards the project and start it right away. Having ideas fast can be hard but letting time pass sure doesn’t help it.


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