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At first we randomly picked a postcard that had to be the base of the whole project. My postcard’s place was Sanremo in Italy. The first part of the project began: Research and discover everything about our place.



For me, the research was the easy part, just gather as much information I can so later I can choose what to use in the project. I found the basic information but as Sanremo is considered an exotic place I tried to get away from that idea because it was too logic and easy.

Some links I used on my research:

Sanremo (General Information)

Sanremo’s Rally

Sanremo’s Casino

(and other websites including their cousine and music festivals)

Some videos that helped me visualize Sanremo’s really known rally (I really liked the idea of using cars and machinery linked with the fact that Sanremo is considered the city of flowers)

I picked up topics like Ecomony, History and the art history in Sanremo. Though it’s a small city with not so much to tell, it has amazing colorful landscapes and beaches by the Ligúria’s ocean.


We were told to present evidence of research work. It could be in our sketchbooks, separate sheets, A1 sheets, basically we could do it the way we thought it was best. I chose the A1 sheet mainly because I had never work on such a big area and I felt it was quite challenging to make it look visually pleasant and informative.

The process:


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Final Research Sheet

At the end I was happy with the way I represented the unknown characteristics of Sanremo along with some text explaining the interesting facts about it and got excited about working on A1 sheets.







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